Huge Comliment, thank you!

Message from an amazing Tan Tech, thank you.

“Hey, Just wanted to pass along a compliment that a consultant that I work with gave to Endless Glow on your website and how well done it was!  He has done consulting for the past four years and was very impressed with how professional your site looked.  I thought you may enjoy the compliment from a professional outside the business!!
By the way…..the Plus class has been a huge help to me!!  My applications look so much better and brighter!  I have really changed my thoughts on the Perfect Glow….I LOVE IT!!!  And because of that will be able to sell it to my clients!! 
I love how excited people are when they are done about how they look!  And know now with Catherine’s help that I will give a much better service!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to do that for us….very beneficial!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!”   -“Colleen Gray”

Huge Comliment, thank you!