Endless Glow Team

” Just wanted to send a note to endless glow and tell them Thanks.  Last week I had a big party and decided to deep clean my gun before, after it was all clean it didn’t work just right.  I could not figure it out, no matter what I tried.  So I called customer service and told them what my problem was.  She asked me if I had the small white washer that goes in it, well I never knew that there was one.  Well I looked and looked for this washer, never found it.  She told me the size of the washer, and my amazing husband was able to modify one to get me through the party.  Later we found my washer, it had washed down the drain, but without being part of such a wonderful company, I would have not known what my problem was and would have had to cancel on my party.  Thanks Endless Glow, for being there and being sooo amazing! ”

Melanie Taylor

Certified Tan Tech

Endless Glow

Endless Glow Team