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Endless Glow Most Inspiring Story $100 Giveaway.
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Endless Glow-       I first just wanted to say THANK YOU and I am SO EXCITED about this business! I just joined a little over a month ago and ready for my business to take me to places I have never been!

A little about me…..I am a newly divorced struggling single stay-at-home Mom of two incredible kids, Gavin, 4 and Kylie, 3. They are my entire world and are the reason I wake up everyday and push forward. I want to be the BEST for them and give them a life that they deserve, and just as importantly I want to feel good about the life that I can give for them.

I heard about Endless Glow through my girlfriend who lives in Idaho. She came to visit over a long weekend and we were up late on night chatting. She had told me about Endless Glow and I quickly checked out the website and was ecstatic! I knew right then this was the business that I wanted to call my own. I wiped out my entire savings and purchased the Endless Glow start-up kit. When I called up Endless Glow I spoke with Catherine I poured my heart out to her, shared a few tears and felt a part of a team immediately. It meant so much that my up lead Kim Wolf and her friend Tiffany flew to Oregon to help me with my practice party. We had a few malfunctions  and I was nearly in tears but Kim made a call to Endless Glow and after 45 minutes, we got my equipment up and running. It has only been a week since then, I have booked 3 parties, have clients on the books, referrals calling and 2 gals that want to become Tan Techs with Endless Glow. I already call Endless Glow my family.

     As cheesy as it sounds, I start the beginning of every new year by picking a song to represent my journey and focus for that year. I was really excited for this year and I was ready to dig deep. I chose Katy Perry, “Firework.” I knew it would be a year for CHANGE (divorce, a newly single Mom, new home)  CHALLENGE ( raising two kids on my own, trying to make it month to month, overcoming emotional stress, and battling cervical cancer) and DETERMINATION (training for 4 half marathons and  running my first marathon ever, which I never thought I could do.) When I hear “my” song, I feel strong and ready to take on the world. A lot is going well for me in my life now but I am not making it financially which has cause an extreme amount of stress in my life. When I enrolled in Endless Glow I can’t even begin to tell you what a sense of excitement and peace I felt. I felt like I FINALLY found something that I was excited about and that would be just  what I need to complete my year as a “FIREWORK!” 

     When all of you in Idaho, Utah, Nevada see fireworks in the sky, just know it is me, Amy the  in Oregon, making women beautiful and sharing this amazing business with others. Thanks for your support and encouragement! I am going to go out with a bang… me… I dare ya! 🙂

Amy Hasson


These photos are so special to me. My little boy Gavin has wanted a bike so bad and I haven’t been able to afford to buy him one yet so I took my first Endless Glow earnings and bought my boy a bike. I would do ANYTHING for that smile! 🙂

Gavin's New bike from mommies airbrush!


EG Winner for MOST INSPIRATIONAL STORY $100 Giveaway