It is being ignored because it is also proven that people feel better about themselves when they have color to their skin… vanity vs. sanity.
The telephone survey included 505 men and 508 women aged 18 or older. They were asked about their beliefs and practices about tans and sun protection.
More than half of all men and women said people look better with a tan. That included 69% of the men and 61% of the women.
Likewise, most people said they thought people look healthier with a tan. Slightly more men than women said so in the survey (60% of men and 54% of women).
“Despite the fact that we know that there is no such thing as a safe tan, people still associate bronzed skin with beauty and health,” says New York University Medical Center dermatologist Darrell Rigel, MD, in a news release.
So what is airbrush tanning? Airbrush is a perfect application every time! No more streaky orange mess, just a perfect “glow” every time. We pride ourselves on educating people on the dangers of
Endless Glow is passionate about educating on the damages of the sun and indoor tanning have on your skin. We support and raise money for the skin cancer foundation as well as work with the “look good feel better” program at the huntsman Cancer Institute (a class held to educate women going through chemotherapy.) We encourage all of our Tan Tech’s to reach out into the community and educate people on the alternative of airbrushing!
Endless Glow is excited about bringing a spa service to the homes of Utah at an affordable price while enjoying the privacy of your own home.
Endless Glow Tan Technicians are able to offer this service at a discounted price because they do not have the hefty overhead of a physical location.
Airbrush is the most natural looking way to achieve a tan without the sun. All of our products are actually good for your skin. Ingredients include aloe, water, vitamins a,c,e, firmaderm (firming agent) and caffeine. We off a full before and after care line to give you more for your money! A mobile Tan technician will travel to your home and perform the airbrush service to you and your friends in the privacy of your own home! These are stay at home moms helping stay at home moms get a service that is affordable and is going to make them feel better! You can’t beat that and with 170 tan technicians over 7 states we have the ability to handle any event or fundraising opportunity.
We are stimulation the economy by offering a way for people to add an additional income to a struggling household and give back at the same time! We are so excited about the success of the girls and the happiness all of the clients receive from the airbrush service


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