What is Airbrush Tanning?

All about Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tanning is a technique of sunless tanning that was developed in order to help the tanning public achieve the natural-looking golden glow aesthetic of a sun tan without the risks involved in overexposing the skin to the harmful ultraviolet rays produces by the sun and by tanning beds alike. Before the airbrush tanning equipment was created the main option for those that desired a tan was sunless tanning lotion. This lotion was applied directly to the skin and needed to be distributed evenly in order to achieve the smooth and continuous look of a tan. This was not easy to do and, thankfully, tools were developed that increased the chances of a sunless tan appearing more natural.

Airbrush tanning is a great way for anyone to achieve the bronzed look of a tan. The way an airbrush works is by creating a fine mist of sunless tanning solution that is emitted from a nozzle on the airbrush. The airbrush is connected to a compressor that has an engine wattage of anywhere from 350 watts to 850 watts. The compressed tanning solution, when it is expelled in its fine mist form, is able to attach to the skin and affect it for a darker coloring without pooling, dripping, or overly saturating any one area of the skin. It is important to mist the entire body or areas where tanning is desired, with a even fluidity as concentration on one spot can increase the coloring to that area.

There are a few options for achieving the look of a tan with airbrush tanning implements. Sunless tanning salons are popping up all over and offer competitive pricing and sunless tanning “packages” that are akin to the packages offered at traditional tanning salons. Having an airbrush tan done by someone that has been trained on the equipment is always a good idea for beginners in order to help establish a baseline of understanding how the equipment works and how the tanning solution affects the individual’s body specifically.

There are airbrush tanning tools available for purchase and personal, at-home use. The cost of these items varies depends on make, model, and engine strength. It is important to pay attention to what tanning solutions are recommended for specific models as tanning solutions can become expensive as well. Airbrush tanning is ideal for those with increased sensitivity to ultraviolet rays and any level of tan can be reached with these tools and look natural as long as care is taken to evenly apply the tanning solution to the skin.

What is Airbrush Tanning?

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