Client Appreciation

Without your amazing clients you wouldnt have a business, you wouldnt be able to buy that shirt you’ve been eyeballing at nordstrom, you wouldnt be able to save for that extra vacation to disneyland for your kids, you wouldnt be able to work from home! Your clients are your heros… so its important to show them you care.

You know why client appreciation is important… but how do you show client appreciation?
 pick 1 or 2 months a year were you celebrate clients all month long!
here are some ideas on what you can do during those months…
1. discount your frequent clients tans… but make it a surprise, when you go to check them out say “I want to thank you for your business by offering you $5 off your tan today.” it will totally light up their night.
2. treats! Have little treats and drinks set up in the room you tan in.
3. goodie bags! Create fun goodie bags with candies, and samples of products you sell.  You can create your own samples from pre and post care products.  (Make sure to use containers that wont cause the product to expire.)
4. Post tanning specials on social media
5. create an area in your tanning room that is for client clean up.  Have face wipes, pony tail holders, a big mirror, disposable combs.  An area to prepare for their tan and freshin up for when they leave.
Some of those ideas can even be used at your salon always… to add that special touch.
Use your client appreciation month as an opportunity to hear from them! Offer a discount if they leave a review about your business on yelp, google, facebook!

Client Appreciation

Let us know what you think!

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