Dominating Slow Season


1. Open house parties.
Find one person every month to host a party, do so by hosting a party and at each party have someone sign up to host.
2. Knowledge is power! Educate your clients on why having a tan all year long is amazing.  Remember- your airbrush application is completely customizable! They can have a soft glow to maintain healthy skin, they dont need to look like they’ve come back from the beach every time they see you.  TELL THEM THIS.  People think that they get what they get and dont often realize they can go lighter.
4. Run special offers in local newspapers, websites, and salons. Market Market Market!
5. Maintain your presence on social media!
Make sure you do a monthly newsletter via email. Send out text messages.  Remind your clients of the awesome service you provide!
Dominating Slow Season

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