Events, Parties, Booth fun!



I love doing events. Its a great way to get my name out there and share with others that airbrush tanning is different than a tanning booth and far superior and less harmful than tanning beds.

*Do a drawing!!! It doesn’t really matter what you giveaway…… the meaning behind the drawing is to get contact information. CONTACT INFO is GOLD!!! You probably won’t sell enough product/tans at the event to cover the booth, but you will be able to see your return on investment if you utilize the contact information you get at the event. I email all my contacts 1-2 times per month and that is when people book appointments. I don’t always email with promotions, often i’ll put a fun article together about the benefits of airbrush tanning (make it look cute of course) then mail it our using a free email marketing campaign like MailChimp. It even tracks how many people open it.
*Have a planner ready & available! If someone seems interested, let them know you can book a tan right there for a later date and still give them the “Show Special”
*Don’t devalue the price and quality of your tan just for an event. So many people feel the need to give tans 1/2 off or crazy promotions just because all the other vendors are doing it…. do not feel obligated to follow. You are an amazing tan technician and the quality of your tan is well worth the price. Once you discount it will be hard to keep clients without them expecting a discount.
*Tan people while you’re there!!! This made the most significant difference in how well the events resulted. People want to physically see what it is like to have an airbrush tan. Don’t be afraid to get people’s attention as they walk by.
Either have a couple clients willing to come in a swimsuit and get a tan! Schedule presentations �de03People will stop and watch. If you aren’t confident tanning people in public, than bring your compressor and tan people on their arms. They will fall in love with the color and most likely call you for a full body tan. Place a sticker on their arm then lightly spray them. It will help them see the comparison. It is also FREE MARKETING. Others are going to see they have a heart or palm tree on their arm and will ask them about it. Word of mouth passes really quick.
*Don’t lose all the momentum. You have now showed the world what it is you are passionate about. There are a lot of really interested people. DO NOT FORGET to follow up with them. Email them, ask them to follow you on social media, ask them to review you. If you are not following up with ALL your clients once a month they will forget about you. Most of the time people need to see you and remember “Oh Ya, I need to come get a tan.” Top of Mind Awareness keeps them coming back to you. So keep posting to facebook, Twitter, Instagram, go live, keep sending emails, and when you see a past client in the grocery store remember to say “Hi!”
*Have fun! I’ve done a Photo Booth out of my pop up tent. Get off your phone and interact with everyone walking by. Compliment people. Smile 😀 It’s time consuming but the event is what you make out of it. If you’re having fun, it becomes fun!
-Stephanie Johnson, St. George Utah
independent endless glow airbrush technician
Events, Parties, Booth fun!

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