how to prepare for your airbrush tan.

Congratulations! You’ve scheduled your first airbrush tan with an Endless Glow technician.  There is so much excitement that comes with an airbrush tan and we want to help you make the most of it!

Its okay to feel intimidated, but just know that your airbrush professional is just that… professional.  Their focus is not on you there focus is on the flow of the solution coming out of the airbrush gun, creating an even and flawless application for you.  Rest easy and only dress down to your level of comfort.

Below find some tips from us as well as some tips from some amazing Endless Glow Techs on preparing for your first airbrush tan!

Shower and exfoliate beforehand, and don’t put on any skin barriers such as lotions, deodorant and makeup.
Kim Mills
Myrtle Beach, SC

Start drinking lots of water 24 hours prior to your tan to help keep it hydrated.
Talisa Myers

Cedar City, Utah

Drinking adequate amounts of water is key for keeping your skin plump and hydrated and ready to receive that tan solution!
Jenn Nicolaysen
Meridian, Idaho

You may wear whatever you are comfortable with during the tan examples: swim suit, bra & panties, panties alone or your birthday suit (Nothing at all) again whatever you are comfortable with. Bring dark lose clothing for after your tan.
Nancy Thompson
Myrtle Beach, SC

Exfoliate before your appointment! Your skin needs a fresh base for a beautiful tan! Don’t use an exfoliating scrub with oil in it. Endless Glows polished glow is the best.
Kaymee Cottrell,
 Las Vegas,NV

Arrive to your appointment at least 10 minutes early to change and prepare for your tan.  You will be standing in a pop up style tent in a salon styled room just for you.  The technician will walk you through a series of positions to give you the most natural looking tan.   Your appointment will last anywhere from 20-30 minutes.
Ashley Porter
Salt Lake City, UT

Make sure to have your hair pulled up and off your shoulders!
Endless Glow

Your Endless Glow airbrush tanning technician is the best of the best! The service is 100% professional and you can feel confident that they will give you the best possible tan.  Reach out to your local tech if you have any other questions about preparing for your tan! You can find a tech near you at

Enjoy your new beautiful airbrush!

how to prepare for your airbrush tan.

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