Incentive Trip 2017

Here are a few pictures from an amazing trip we had this last week! Endless Glow Tan Techs had 7 months to earn a trip of a lifetime! They went on a cruise down the Baja with a featured Jewel Concert! Here are some of the things the girls had to say when they got home.

“I LOVE my job!!! I say it ALL the time! Endless Glow has been a huge blessing in my life! I have amazing clients and work with amazing women! I know this is what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing!!! You would think loving what I do would be reward enough!?! Nope! They rewarded us with a cruise! I got to spend 5 fun filled, inspiring, memory making, laughter filled, days with some of the best women and best friends a girl could ever have!!!! I can’t believe we even call it work! SO VERY BLESSED!!!!” – Suzy Jeffords

“I must share how amazing my trip was with Endless Glow this week. I am beyond lucky to have found this amazing company, founders and women that support and love each other! To be one of 10 girls on this company trip was very special. To have a true relationship with the founders is unheard of in companies. I never thought airbrush spray tanning and teeth whitening would impact our lives so much. The girls I had the honor to spend 5 days with are some of the most loving, beautiful, fun and sweet women I have ever met. I want everyone to know the feeling of support and love!!!! Thank you ladies!!!” – Krista Mays

“I was blessed to be able to cruise with these beautiful women this week. We laughed hard, partied on and built life long friendships. Seriously cried parting ways today, as I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing company full of hilarious, selfless and intelligent women.” – Kami Satterlee

“I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!! I started doing this almost 3 years ago and each year it gets better. I have my own business, that I do on my time, and make good money. But that’s not what I love about it the most. The relationships I’ve created with my clients I never thought I could have -being loved enough to be invited to their weddings even! And now, I just got back from an all inclusive, 100% paid for cruise, from Endless Glow! Just for doing what I love. I have 10 new girlfriends from all across the country who do the same thing I do. Anyone can do this!”- Natalie Jardine

Incentive Trip 2017

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