Master Tech Tip

  “I have been a tan tech for a little over a year now, and just closed my first open house party!!!  It took me a long time to get here, but I’m SO excited that I finally felt brave enough to do it, and even more thrilled with the outcome!!! I absolutely love being a tan tech! I love that a woman can step into my tent, and 20-25 minutes later can step out, and feel like a million bucks!!! It was VERY out of my comfort zone to ask if someone was willing to host an open house party, but after attending the Endless Glow convention, and getting my Rising Star certification, I had a new fire in my belly!! So, I asked Ashley (Mrs. Ashley Porter😉) for her help, and in true Ashley fashion, even though she is crazy busy, she helped me through every step of the way!!

     She gave me some ideas, and I rolled with them!! After I had a hostess, I created a facebook page, had my hostess add her friends and family, and then I posted  twice a day!! Only twice a day the week before my hostesses open house part, I introduced the products that I love so much giving descriptions, purposes, their amazing qualities, and pricing!! I also added tan tips and tricks on how to extend the life of their custom airbrush tans, and had a product giveaway!!! I also let my ladies know that if they had any questions that needed answering before the party, that I was available to answer them, and give feedback as they needed!!
     All the while, Ashley proofread what I had come up with, and gave me feedback on what I could improve on!  I also had the fun opportunity to be hosting my party the same time Talisa Meyers was hosting one of her own, and we were able to message each other back and forth, bouncing off ideas, and letting one another know what worked, what didn’t, and support each other!!! I love being part of a company where we can rely on one another for help, advise, and support!! We are part of a sisterhood unlike any other!!!
     When party day came, I was full of nervous excitement!!! My original count for the party had double the day before, and I was now tanning 10 ladies instead of 5!!! I cannot even tell you how blown away I was that not only had I just tanned that many ladies in a row, but because of the preparation I had put in the week before, they completely cleaned me out of most of my stock!!!  I was SO excited!!!! My hostess was thrilled with the amount of store credit, and half priced items she received, and of course with her free custom airbrush tan!!!  I could not be more excited about the outcome of my first open house as well!!
     I can’t wait to have another open house party now!  I have loved every nerve wracking moment of this first journey! I loved working hand in hand with Ashley, and Talisa.  I loved sharing my love for the amazing products Endless Glow has.  I love getting to do a job I love SO much.  I loved that my hostess got sweet hostess rewards, a free airbrush, and sings my praises(which in all reality is surreal, and makes me cry with joy a little 😊).  I am just so grateful for this experience, and if you are even a little bit like me, or a lot like me, are one the fence about what open house parties have to offer, I urge you all to just try it!!! Not only can you make some great money, but the experience is well worth it!!!!”
-Nanci Archibald
We are constantly being asked, “how do I grow my business?” and our answer is- find people to host open house parties! You are turning one client into five clients when someone hosts a party! Endless Glow was started by two sisters who had a dream to start an airbrush tanning company, they created a goal to enroll 50 techs in 30 days and they did!!!!!- through hosting parties! Endless Glow was started through the power of hosting parties and as 10 years have passed we have worked hard mentoring other techs who have become successful by hosting parties as well.
We are firm believers in open house parties.  They will build your business clientele faster than any other method which has been proven through experience! We loved hearing nanci’s story and we are so proud of her journey.
Don’t skip steps to grow your business, follow the fast start guide, a predesigned program we created to help you put more money in your pocket and grow your business.  OPEN HOUSE PARTIES are key to your business.

Nanci’s testimony not only embodied what we love so much about open house parties but it shares the culture we work hard to grow! Teamwork.  Working with her fellow airbrush techs and leaders to grow, bond, and simply have someone to lean on who is in the same boat as you! We are in the business of building each other and not competing.

We want to encourage each of you to go back to the basics, find someone to host a party and keep the train going, dont stop at one party! We also want to encourage you, if you havent already, to find a friend another endless glow tech that you feel comfortable growing with.  Empowered women, empower women. ❤

Master Tech Tip

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