Tips for starting your mobile/salon/home airbrush tanning business

Number 1 step! Buy your starter kit at We have 3 amazing airbrush tanning starter kits all designed to pay for themselves! Isnt that amazing?!

While waiting for your system to arrive…

1. Register your business, go to your state website and find out what you need to do to run your business legally.

2. Create your pricing, research local spray tan/ airbrush tanning companies to make sure you don’t set your prices to high or to low. 

3. Complete your online Endless Glow certification.

4. Join the Tan Tech Chat Facebook page for all things endless glow, business mentoring, live chats, online support, and to meet fellow endless glow sisters.

5.  Start the process of building your website with Endless Glow or by creating your own.  Include before and after pictures, pricing, hours, tips for pre and post care, your contact information and location.  Include services- are you a home business, in a salon, mobile, do you offer parties?

6. Create all your social media sources, instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, google, etc. and start posting to them so you can start growing your clientele!

7.  Spread the word to your friends and family that your business is coming soon!

8. Create and order business cards! (Idea- one side business card other side stamp card)

9.  Create marketing materials/flyers to promote your business.

10.  If you are in a home or salon start setting up your tanning space! Framed pricing, consent forms, product shelves, etc.

Your Airbrush System has arrived! YAY!….

1. Invite someone over to do your first practice tan- offer this service for free.

2. Schedule an open house party for you to practice practice practice and to build that new clientele!

3. Create incentives for referrals!

4. Take before/after pictures with clientele consent. Try to display a sign offering $5 off a service if you can take a picture. Sometimes if we approach people to take a before and after picture it makes them feel uncomfortable and vulnerable so try to be sensitive in your approach.

5. Start marketing  your business. Reach out to your Endless Glow leader for tips and encouragement.

Tips for starting your mobile/salon/home airbrush tanning business

Let us know what you think!

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