Why you should be branding your business

Branding yourself.
Why is branding important? Humans are creatures of habit.  They need consistency, they need routine posts that they can tell are all from the same person.  Think about your favorite photographer, you follow that photographer because they have a brand, a specific style that they follow.  It is important that you have that same consistency and style on your own social media.
Look at the side by side comparison of pictures below.  If you were picking between these two instagram accounts which would you follow? While there isn’t anything totally wrong with the left option the right option is an eye grabber, its consistent, its branded.  When you see those posts you know exactly what business it is.  Not branding your business could lose you clients.
Create clean, pretty, lifestyle.

Try to stay away from stock images and google. Create a Pinterest page of tan lifestyle shots.  You can even make the pinterest board private so friends and family don’t have to see what you are saving for your business.  Pick 3-4 (or less- but not more.) colors that you always use. Black and white count as one of your colors. The trend right now is white- bright and clean. Try to use trendy fonts- the cursive you pic matters so use good apps! Apps we encourage word swag (which is worth the one time $5 fee), layout, Ripl.  Ripl is $10 a month to use without their logo on their picture.  They offer 7 days for free, use the 7 days to make tons of pictures then cancel your subscription.  Its not worth $10 monthly.
Why you should be branding your business

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