Spray Tan VS. Airbrush Tan

Welcome! We are excited for your interest and you are probably here because you didn’t realize there was a difference between spray tanning and airbrush tanning.

So lets talk about it!


Spray tanning is solution covering an area without the use of air, this can cause a person to feel very wet and uneven after the application is complete.  Spray tans can be applied in a booth and by a person with equipment.  Most people believe that if a person is applying the solution its an airbrush tan, this is wrong, you can get a spray tan from a person. Spray tans typically are applied quickly, and generally develop a rustic color.  Because of the speedy application and the lack of air mixed with solution clients can also experience build up and fade harshly in those areas. Spray tans also require barrier creams because they are protecting from over application.
Airbrush Tanning is the combination of air and solution, creating a fine mist to allow a more detailed application. An airbrush application is always applied by a person with very specific equipment. Airbrush Tans generally give a more natural glow and allow customization, because of the customization/technique and the tanning solution mixed with air, your clients will NOT need barrier creams.  While an airbrush tan may take a couple minutes longer than a spray tan technique the results are longer lasting, more beautiful, and leave little room for error.  The technique and combination with air give the most natural looking tan.

Endless Glow teaches their technicians the concept of airbrush tanning because we pride ourselves in offering a luxury treatment at an affordable cost, while giving the most natural looking tan.  Providing the perfect overall service and application is key to a successful business.


Would you rather be quick? or give the absolute best service?


Spray Tan VS. Airbrush Tan

Let us know what you think!

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