Organic Tanning Solutions (myth?)


“Organic” is all the rage right now.  We want to take care of our bodies now more than ever!

 Companies that claim to have “100% organic” solutions could be falsely advertising that claim.  They think they can “get away” with saying their products are “organic” because one or more of the ingredients  used in the formulation could actually be “organic.” For example, the DHA used in the Endless Glow Solution is derived from sugar cane and “organically grown,” therefore making it “organic.”  However, in order for a tanning solution to be “100% organic” EVERY ingredient in the tanning solution would need to be derived from a plant source, and fall under the category of “organically grown.”

 Solutions that have the label “USDA Organic” meet the minimum percentage of ingredients “organically grown,” and therefore can be labeled “organic.” But that doesn’t mean they are “100% organic.”

In order for tanning solution to be “100% organic” it can’t contain any ingredients to extend shelf life, no water, and no dyes (bronzers.) Meaning you would be using  a less stable product with a shorter shelf life, and no bronzing color to guide your applications.

Endless Glow does not claim to be “100% organic”, however our  DHA is “ECOCERT” and “organically grown.” In addition, the Endless Glow solutions contain many wonderful vitamins and added  benefits that give an overall younger, healthier appearance.  You’ll be nourishing your skin, receiving a beautiful and healthy glow, while still caring for your skin.


Organic Tanning Solutions (myth?)

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