Understanding the “base color bronzing formulas” in sunless tanning solutions.



We are frequently asked about the “base color” of solutions because of the number of different “base color” options offered throughout the industry. So what makes Endless Glow premixed bronzing formulation superior to other “base colors” offered?

Lets first talk about what actually “tans” your skin in sunless tanning products. It is the DHA in the product that reacts with the amino acids in each person’s skin to “dye” the top layer, and produce a variance of “tan tones.”  It is both the quality of the DHA and the perfect amount of DHA applied to the skin that results in the best “tan.”

The “base color” or “bronzer” doesn’t actually affect the end result of an airbrush tan. Bronzer is added to the solution to provide a guide to the technician during the application process.  The bronzing formula not only lends to an even application from the Tech, but as an added benefit, also gives a beautiful bronzed appearance . However, after the DHA has completed it’s processing time on the skin, you will then shower off any remaining bronzer in the shower leaving only the healthy “tan” produced by the DHA. Again, the  effects of  the beautiful color and lasting result of the airbrush tan directly relates to the quality of the  DHA, amount applied,  and other ingredients used in the formulation. All the E.G. solutions that you love so much only use the highest quality DHA and other ingredients available.

Other companies may offer  multiple base colored bronzers giving the illusion that the bronzer formulation will give a different end result. This is just not the case since the bronzer is NOT what “gives the tan,” and it is actually washed down the drain only a few hours after application. These products come at a  higher cost to you as  a Tech with no real difference for  the end result of the airbrush.

So, when you have a client asking for a specific “base color,” its important to educate them on the science behind airbrush tanning, and more specifically the bronzing formulation in solutions. It doesn’t mean their past technician’s were wrong, but it does mean that they have been mislead on  the purpose of the  “bronzing formula” in a solution. Unfortunately for those buying the “addition bronzers” to change the “base color,”, they are literally watching their hard earned money, rinse down the drain.

To sum this up, teach your client’s  the quality, and amount of DHA applied to skin at one time are THE MOST  important factors for a beautiful end result. The  premixed bronzing formulation in our E.G. solutions reacts uniquely  with amino acids in the skin to give the most desirable tone of bronze for each individual client while the DHA is processing. As a E.G. Tech you have the perfect “DHA to Bronzer” ratio for the application, and your clients will be completely satisfied with the end result of their sunless airbrush tan! It is definitely a win win for all!


Endless Glow solution applied by Whitney Turley, AZ.

Understanding the “base color bronzing formulas” in sunless tanning solutions.

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