Wedding Season

Wedding season is here and we want your brides to have an absolutely “glowing” wedding day!
1. Educate.
Understanding  the difference between “spray tans” and “airbrush tans,” will help your brides to understand the importance of choosing a  Endless Glow airbrush for the most natural looking tan. To read an earlier blog post on this exact topic (“the difference between an airbrush and spray tan”)  here.
2. Perform a “trial airbrush.”
Scheduling a trial airbrush gives both the bride and the Tech the opportunity to find the perfect color, application level, and communicate the desired result.  In addition, you and your bride will be able to watch how the tan fades, making sure they look most perfect on the big day!
3. Bridal Packages
Create a bridal packages that include one or two trial tans and a tan for the big day.  In the package you can include a couple of free samples, treats, and a thank you card.  Its important to make your clients feel special, and what a perfect time to do so!
4. Take advantage of the pre and post care products provided.
All of the Endless Glow pre and post airbrush products were specifically designed with the “PERFECT AIRBRUSH” in mind. Starting with the prep for the application and continuing until the tan is faded completely, each product is specifically  used to enhance and prolong the airbrush.  Using  pre and post care products as directed will give  the results needed, longer lasting airbrush tans, and confidence in the airbrush tan  that will last well  through the wedding.
5. Read ALL pre and post care information.
E.G. Techs are educated on everything needed to know how to provide an amazing experience.  Even if your bride has done sunless tanning before, communication is the key to a successful airbrush for the big day! From prep to after care, it is SO important to communicate all the steps to achieve the most beautiful, natural, airbrush for the big day.
Most importantly … have fun and enjoy being part of such an beautiful occasion! .
brides 0Endless Glow solution applied by technician Talisa Myers, UT.
Wedding Season

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