Tips and Tricks to a Successful busy season.


I don’t know about you, but I want every season to be busy season! I love what I do so much and I know the boost in confidence my clients feel with their fresh tan. But how can we stay as busy as we want to be?

  1. Ask for your clients help. Post to Instagram! I know it’s obvious, but content can be hard to come up with all the time, so I ask my clients as they’re leaving to send me a pic of their gorgeous self that I can post on my page. If they forget, I just send a follow up text and ask for it again. They’re always happy to send something if they took any. Posting your work is key to showing what you can do for potential clients.
  2. Personal touch. I added a birthday line to the top of my client consent form so I can send out a birthday deal via text to my fabulous clients. $20 tan and 15% off products, usually expires 30 day after I send it.
  3. Flexible hours. I do all my tans in my home with it always set up, so I am able to be super flexible with when I can fit clients in. It only takes about 15-20 mins., so its not a big deal for me to do a quick tan at 10pm for a client that works and goes to school and can’t come until then. I’ve even done an early morning Christmas Eve tan! I only do late and early stuff for established clients that I know. One key thing to remember though, when working from home is to avoid burn out and not let your business run you, YOU run the business!
  4. Don’t discount your service, add value. I know a lot of you think, “If I charge more than $20 or $25, then I won’t have any clients!” Well, think about your ideal client. They are the ones that are happy to pay your price and rave about you to their friends, right? Your ideal clients are out there. They will pay for your service if you prove your worth. I like to give away some homemade samples of shaving potion or tan extender sometimes from little 2 oz bottles I found on amazon. That’s the kind of thing that adds value. Plus I would rather do 1 tan for 35 than 2 for 40. I make more with the one tan because I’m not using the extra product or spending the time to do a second tan.
  5. Run promos. I love to stock up on our retail product when EG is running a deal! You should all take advantage of this ladies! Use all the products so you can easily share how amazing they are! That’s how I run promos, or make my samples. From free or steeply discounted products, I’m able to do a giveaway or even add a free product to a full price tan package purchase. I currently just posted a Mother’s Day deal, “buy 1 tan and get a perfect glow tan extender for $35” ($70 value) while supplies last.” Also, maybe, pick a winter month and sell a deal of Brilliant Glow self tanning lotion and small aerosol to fight the winter blues. Get creative!
  6. Customer appreciation month(s) I would pick 1 or 2 of your slowest months in the winter, or even if you’ve got a super open week and want to make some money, and post a deal that they can only get by mentioning your post or showing a text you send. This can be a slightly discounted tan during that time frame, a bigger discount of retail product, a combination, or free gift with tan. The idea is to get your favorite clients in your door and let them know you are so grateful for their patronage and support.
  7. There is so much going on year round, and people always want to look their best! vacations, weddings, family pics, photo shoots, parties, dances, girls night out, date night, we all have reasons to look amazing every season. Figure out your ideal client, and find them!

PS- Have you seen the NEW LOOK and NEW products that are soon to be released??!! I’m so excited!!

Happy Tanning!

Xoxo, Kaymee

kaymeeKaymee has been with our EG family since 2010, been to numerous EG events, is a Master Technician, and is a total boss babe.  While juggling her airbrush tanning business, she also does hair, maskcara beauty, and takes care of her beautiful family. ❤

Tips and Tricks to a Successful busy season.

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