Have you collaborated before?


When I first started my airbrush business, I knew social media would be a great tool for advertizing. However, I did not realize how huge collaborating with influencers, companies, and photographers would benefit me!

It takes time, so don’t get discouraged, at first it was difficult to find people to collaborate with but after a few successful giveaways my following started to grow and so did my business. From there I started to reach out to different clothing companies, photographers, models, bloggers, even girls with over a few thousand followers on Instagram offering them a free tan in trade for tagging and mentioning their tan in their posts/stories. I was shocked at how much doing this grew my business. More often than not clients that come in for their first tan will mention how they heard about me through “this girl” or saw my tans tagged on “this post”, word spreads and gets around so quickly through social media.




Here are my top 5 tips to help you make collaborating successful:

  1. Don’t be afraid to message/DM companies or girls you’d want to promote your airbrush tans. Everyone wants a tan!! And if they don’t, the worst that will happen is they don’t respond or say they aren’t interested. When contacting them be sure to let them know what you expect in return for giving them a “free tan”, like a post mentioning their tan, a story tagging you, or even having them send you a picture to post as well.


  1. Do giveaways with others! It’s been so fun to work/promote others while helping build up my own followers/clientele.


  1. Encourage or ask your clients to tag their tans. I’ve noticed photographers have taken pictures of clients I’ve tanned so I personally message the photographer asking if they will tag me in the photo as well. Any little tag of your account really helps!


  1. Reach out to girls with over 1000 follow ers. Some of my most consistent clients came from doing this.


  1. Be creative, social media is such a good tool and can be such a great source of helping grow in your business.


Sometimes it can feel overwhelming or exhausting to try and keep up with social media and postings but there is also so much support and growth that can come from it. EG has helped me find something I truly love and enjoy, I feel so lucky to get to work with a great company that has amazing products!!


Whitney Turley

26198086_1667139546680154_3102522667132731536_oWhitney Turley has been with Endless Glow since March 2017.  We have LOVED watching her grow and really dominate in her airbrush tanning business.  Whitney is busy keeping clients happy, taking care of her handsome 2 little boys, staying active, running, and trying to keep cool in the Arizona heat!

Have you collaborated before?

Let us know what you think!

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