Lotion Lotion Lotion!!!


Why is using a quality lotion with your airbrush is SO important?

Top benefits of using lotions with an airbrush tan:

  1. Lotions help hydrate the skin in the days prior to your airbrush evening out the skins texture to avoid a scaly or cracking appearance prior to the airbrush application. It also helps to soften stubborn rough areas such as elbow, heels and feet.
  2. Following your airbrush application the use of lotions help rehydrate the skin and keep the skins texture smooth and even.
  3. Using quality lotions, trading UVB sun exposure for an airbrush tan, and using sunscreen, all play a very important part of your overall skin health and prevention against pre mature aging.
  4. The use of sunless tanning ingredients, such as DHA, requires the use of quality lotions to balance the skins hydration and give you the beautiful sunless tan you are desire!


Tips to pick the right lotion for you:

  • Go for unscented lotions – Scented lotions tend to have a higher alcohol content and can be more drying instead of hydrating.
  • Keep more than one lotion handy! Your skins hydration needs can change day to day and month to month. Having more than one option ensures you will have what you need when you need it.
  • Pick a lotion over a cream after your airbrush – unless your skin is REALLY dry, pick lotion over the cream. Cream has a higher oil content and can sit on the skins surface and may break down your sunless tan quicker.
  • Don’t be nervous to try new lotions! Your skin will thank you. Everyone is uniquely different and what works for someone else may not work best for you.

A few of our picks:

Cetiphil   –   CeraVe   –   Aveeno   –   Jergens.

Lotion Lotion Lotion!!!

Let us know what you think!

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