Alexa Testimonial

” Self tanner = the only reason I’m able to stay tan through Chicago winters 🙌🏼 So I’m sharing another product w/ you all from my favorite self tanner line @endlessglow_ 🤩☀️ It’s the only self tanner I’ve been using for several months now & I love it because it goes on evenly, smells good, & never looks fake/orange! This Airbrush Sunless Spray can be used on your entire body (face included) & is like giving yourself an at home spray tan! I was nervous to try it because I’m terrible at applying self tanner (lol), but I used the Endless Glow blending mitt to even everything out perfectly. Their products are vegan friendly & last a long time because a little goes a long way! My self tanning tip: don’t moisturize before applying! I apply self tanner at night, right after I exfoliate in the shower, then moisturize in the morning.” – Alexa Morelli (


Alexa Testimonial

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