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Do you follow @thelilliebag ? You should! She is a proud lover of Endless Glow and we adore her right back!  See what she has to say all about our Ultra Dark Foam here. 


Black Friday is coming early this year! on November 16th you’ll be able to take advantage of the following…

Customer BFIt doesn’t get any better than a gift with purchase! We cannot wait to see what you grab!

Hey there loyal customer!

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Erica Johnson has been with Endless Glow going on 6 years. She has a rocking business and an amazing clientele! Erica has one of the top spots in sales of our Airbrush Aerosol (tan in a can)!! She cares about her clients and makes sure they are equipped with the products they need to have a lasting and beautiful airbrush tan! We love having her as a part of our EG family!

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Please take note of the following holiday dates that our offices will be closed:

Labor Day: September 3

Halloween: October 31

Thanksgiving: November 22-23

Christmas and New Years: December 24- January 2

Please plan accordingly, all offices will be closed on these dates including- shipping, pick up, customer support, and all executives.  We appreciate you all greatly and wish you a wonderful remaining 2018!


The products all your “Sun Lovers” Need!


Naawk Sunscreen: Protecting your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays is a MUST for your clients and the health of their skin. Although a beautiful airbrush gives the appearance of “tanned skin,” it does not offer protection from the sun.

The Naawk Sunscreen products we offer are formulated with 85% natural ingredients and deliver sun protection without all the harsh chemicals that can be found in sunscreens. The water resistant feature of the sunscreen protects and creates a barrier for the airbrush, keeping it from fading during swimming. Last but not least, it smells amazing!

Aerosol Spray: Chlorine, salt water, sand, and outdoor water activities all affect the rate of exfoliation, and how evenly the exfoliation of the airbrush occurs. The Aerosol Spray is a quick and easy way to touch up those areas that exfoliate quicker and in some cases unevenly. The handy application method allows clients to re-spray any areas needed and helps to keep the airbrush beautiful and even between visits.

Flawless Faces: Not only Not only is it perfect for tanning the face, it can also be used as a touch up spray all over. It is similar to the Aerosol Spray but can be used to touch up smaller or more detailed areas. The Flawless Faces is the same formulation as our Signature Glow solution.

Perfect Glow: Every client wants to make the most of their airbrush tan. The tan extender replaces the DHA that naturally fades each day to prolong the airbrush and help it to fade more evenly.Using this product will help your clients keep a fresh and even airbrush in between applications!


When selling products to your clients, make sure that you communicate to truly understand their needs. This will help you recommend all the products they will love! For more information on selling strategies and techniques, visit your back office under the “Tan Tech” tab.

The products all your “Sun Lovers” Need!

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lauren brown

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@mama.on.the.glow runs her business with passion, kindness, and integrity. She has been with EG for 8 years and we feel so lucky! Her genuine love for those around her is both beautiful and inspiring. We think the world of you @lauren_nicole_brown!!! Keep up all the amazing work!

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