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As this story unfolds and we move into what is possibly the most essential part of this journey, I would like to first say thank you. Thank you for your love and support for Ashley, Kristi and I and for your love for Endless Glow over the years. The saturation of stories and experiences demonstrating what a special foundation and group of tech’s we have in this E.G. family has caused overwhelming emotion and has further deepened my gratitude for the opportunity I have had to steward such a gift.

The first 5 years of this 11 yr. journey went by in a flash! Kristi and I had built E.G. to a tech family of over 600 tech’s across the country and our dream was playing out in front of our eyes. And that is when ‘it” started to happen. A transformation on the inside of both Kristi and I was taking place. Neither one of us understood it completely at the time–we just knew that we were both on board with making a change to our partnership in E.G. It was agreed that it was best for me to move forward with E.G. and for Kristi to step out into her own time and space of transformation. We said our goodbyes and buttoned up the details between us and moved expectantly into our future. It was then that my own metamorphosis began and the beginning of a journey inside a journey. I was rapidly changing internally in ways I had not known even possible and E.G. had become one of the catalysts for that transformation.

As one segment of the story was fading to the background, another was being brought forward and making way to center stage. Ashley’s journey with E.G. started true to form as an inspired work. Following their adventures all over the country, Ashley and her husband Ryan had finally decided on making their way back to Utah. It was then that Ashley made her debut into our E.G. family. The timing was spot on and Ashley is such a quick study that she settled into her role in no time without a hitch. I was amazed at her skill level and ability in the workplace in that she needed little to no direction when it came to learning anything making that part of my job so easy. Ashley was able to accomplish everything I threw her direction with ease; always done well with a smile on her face and laced in her sweet as can be personality. She had a knack for already having something completed before it was even brought up, thinking one step ahead. I felt as though I had been gifted from above when Ashley entered the picture especially when she was on board with staying with E.G. through her schooling, her own tanning business, and many personal life changes including the birth of her daughter, Aria. Our connection was deepening the more we worked together and soon Ashley and I had become more than just colleagues.

As I watched her growth within E.G. it was becoming more and more clear that Ashley was to be moved into the spotlight. We set out to bring a fresh new look to the training material, product line and web presence with Ashley as the starring role! I had officially shifted the “face” of E.G. from myself to Ashley and she began to actively walk in that role. As she settled into the challenge of everything that was laid before her the only thing left to do was to make it official: Ashley and I became co-owners of E.G.! It has been a treat to watch her beautiful gifts play out to the benefit of the E.G. tech’s and their own business as well as to watch her move at a rapid rate towards her own destiny. Just as E.G. has been a catalyst for my transformation, it has also played a valuable role within Ashley’s as well. Ashley is a very beautiful individual inside and out with an amazing plan held in the future for her and I have no doubt she will be a blessing in the lives of many more. I am sure I speak for all the tech’s and customers who would like to thank you Ashley. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us and sharing your kind, sweet personality with us day in and day out.

Please keep an eye out for a subsequent email that will contain info about MOVING FORWARD and product information for the upcoming months.

♥♥♥ Catherine