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Kaymee is beautiful, kind, and the best girl boss.  She has been with Endless Glow for 8 years! Within those 8 years she has moved several times and had to restart her business and clientele.  Her continual dedication always impresses us.  Over the years Kaymee has attended countless incentive trips, events, trainings, and has completed her Rising Star Certification.  We love watching Kaymee because she has so much love for everything and everyone around her.  She has built an amazing team of techs and works hard to help them grow.  We are so lucky to have Kaymee as a part of Endless Glow! ❤

Tech Highlight

Tech Highlight

Alecia Turner is a force! She is dedicated, strong, and fierce! We love watching her work towards her dreams and passions.  In her first 5 months with endless glow she maintained a personal volume and even started growing her team! We frequently see her joining in on live chats and she joined us at our endless glow event earlier this year. We know how hard starting a business can be and she did it with grace.  We are confident in her and know as she continues to stay dedicated with her business she will continue to grow and flourish!
Tech Highlight

30 days of FUN!

Our countdown to black Friday has begun and we are excited to announce the agenda for the next 30 days! Join us on our facbook group page exclusive for techs…
4 chats, 4 giveaways, and 4 Black Friday sneak peaks! who is ready!!!!
Chat Schedule-
10/30 at 12pm
11/6 at 7pm
11/13 at 12pm
11/17 at 7pm
(Times are subject to change, watch for future posts)
Our first Black Friday sneak peak has already been announced.
Tan Tech business kits are all $200 off and will receive a FREE liter of solution.
Teeth Whitening Business Kits are $200 off and will receive 5 free bleach trays!
This is the best deal of the year- the cheapest the kits will be!
30 days of FUN!

Tips from a Master Tech

Hi I’m Talisa and I have been a tanning tech with Endless Glow for 1 1/2 years and have recently completed my rising star certification.
 Last year I had the goal of going to the Endless Glow incentive trip to Mexico and I was so close to making it! I was really proud of myself for it being my first year and getting so close! I think my biggest mistake was that I wanted to focus more on just tanning than offering and selling products. I wasn’t comfortable with asking my clients for more money for products. But to be honest with the help of Endless Glows monthly Facebook video chats and the Annual Event I become so much more confident in offering the products because I knew what would work best for my clients and their situations so they would be happy with their tans. This helped me make more money in my pocket and also placed more product orders with Endless Glow to go towards the trip points.
On top of that, last year, I literally went to all my friends and family that I thought would be interested in becoming techs. I didn’t have anyone that wanted to join. I was so excited and knew that Endless Glow was an amazing company and wanted everyone I knew to become part of our company family! Now my clients have become interested and have had 3 become tanning techs. Hosting tanning parties and just posting about it on social media has been the trick, not asking every single Facebook friend. Ha! But seriously if you make goals, watch the video chats, read the emails, attend the Annual Event, listen to what everyone at Endless Glow teaches us, and actually apply it to you and your business, then you too can make the incentive trips! I can’t wait for my 1st one this weekend and for the many more trips to come with Endless Glow!
Tips from a Master Tech

Tech Highlight


Jilene is a force of nature! She works hard and we see it! Jilene stayed busy this summer as a tanning machine not only maintaining her clientele but she also flew to Orlando to tan the Miss America Pageant.  On top of that, she has worked hard to grow her team and enrolled a new tech almost every month.  It’s truly rewarding for us to see all her growth and success over the past couple years and we know that she has an extremely bright future.  Jilene defines the phrase girl boss and we are so honored to have her as a part of Endless Glow!

Tech Highlight