Who is “Wearing Endless Glow?”

Who is wearing Endless Glow?

Michelle MoneyMichelle Money-

A mother to an incredible daughter!! The Bachelor season 15, Bachelor Pad 2 runner up,Youtube beauty guru, Actress, Model, Hair Stylist and Make up artist!

Watch her Endless Glow airbrush tanning video on YouTube http://youtu.be/Tk8-UdgBP5M.

”Being an international athlete and model, I need to stay tan year round.  I use Endless Glow because it has the best color, the tan does  not come off on my designer clothes or athletic wear.  I love the smell, and not only is it good for my skin but I can have a natural glow without UVA/UVB rays.  I LOVE Endless Glow.”

-Natalie Gulbis

Thank you Natalie for your support of Endless Glow. The sucess you have had not only in Proffesional Sports but in all areas of your life are a direct reflection of what a wonderful person you are. We are so proud to say you “wear Endless Glow!”


Endless Glow Family 

Miss Nevada, 2011-2012

Miss Nevada 2011  Involved in several political
campaigns; Attended and maintained order at the 2008 Nevada Democratic
Presidential Caucus; Emcee for DOCUTAH Film Fetival 2010; Emcee for Dixie State College Centennial Celebration
2011; DSC Liason between Broadcast Journalism
Department and the Student Senate; Staff member for Dixie State ROTC; Captain
of HS cross country and long distance track teams; Several church leadership
positions; Lobbied the Utah State Senate during the 2010 legislative session;
Current member of a Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Board; Work
alongside members of AAUW, BPW, ELKS and Lions Club local chapters;
Chaired/Organized the 2010 Women’s Achievement Conference which allowed me to
work with state politicians–www.womensachievement.org

Thank you Alana for your support to the Endless Glow girls and your LOVE for our products! We are so proud to be asociated with such fabulous women and to say that Miss Nevada, Alana Lee wears the “Endless Glow!”


        Endless Glow Family

 NBA - Sacremento Kings, Utah JazzRonnie Price, NBA Player – Sacremento Kings and Utah Jazz. Although Ronnie loves to play basketball and is the only player to go straight the the NBA directly from Utah Valley University, his true love and passion is leardership. Ronnie’s love for children and his abillity to reach out to them on a level more impactful than most is what inspired Rinnie to start the Ronnie Price Foundation.

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of children who struggle in homes and communities for lack of recreational and educational opportunities, facilities and programs by providing resources, opportunities and mentoring, while at the same time providing opportunities for volunteers, donors and other like minded charities to provide service and friendship to sister… communities as well as to individual children and their families.Our goals are to:
•Identify needs of children in communities where recreational services are absent or facilities are deteriorated
•Bring together human and monetary resources to provide equipment, programs and individual opportunities.
Thank you Ronnie for your example of love and passion in everything you do. You are the most amazing example of hard work and dedication. Your inner spirit just shines through in that amazing smile of yours! We are so proud to say that you endorse and “wear” Endless Glow!
       Endless Glow Family

Mrs. Texas, 2012

Lacey is my client and friend who recently won Mrs. Texas 2012. She is in Las Vegas TODAY competing for the Mrs. United States title! I was lucky enough to be able to fly in and airbrush her in between rehearsals and interviews. She is using our newest product for touch ups and the tan extender. She LOVES her color 🙂

Let’s wish her the best!!


Toni Hafner

Thank you Lacey for your support to the Endless Glow girl, Toni Hafner and your LOVE for our products! We are so proud to be asociated with such fabulous women accross america!


        Endless Glow Family

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