Spray Tan VS. Airbrush Tan

Welcome! We are excited for your interest and you are probably here because you didn’t realize there was a difference between spray tanning and airbrush tanning.

So lets talk about it!


Spray tanning is solution covering an area without the use of air, this can cause a person to feel very wet and uneven after the application is complete.  Spray tans can be applied in a booth and by a person with equipment.  Most people believe that if a person is applying the solution its an airbrush tan, this is wrong, you can get a spray tan from a person. Spray tans typically are applied quickly, and generally develop a rustic color.  Because of the speedy application and the lack of air mixed with solution clients can also experience build up and fade harshly in those areas. Spray tans also require barrier creams because they are protecting from over application.
Airbrush Tanning is the combination of air and solution, creating a fine mist to allow a more detailed application. An airbrush application is always applied by a person with very specific equipment. Airbrush Tans generally give a more natural glow and allow customization, because of the customization/technique and the tanning solution mixed with air, your clients will NOT need barrier creams.  While an airbrush tan may take a couple minutes longer than a spray tan technique the results are longer lasting, more beautiful, and leave little room for error.  The technique and combination with air give the most natural looking tan.

Endless Glow teaches their technicians the concept of airbrush tanning because we pride ourselves in offering a luxury treatment at an affordable cost, while giving the most natural looking tan.  Providing the perfect overall service and application is key to a successful business.


Would you rather be quick? or give the absolute best service?


Spray Tan VS. Airbrush Tan

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samantha grangroth

We are so proud of @airbrushtanningbysamantha. We’ve watched her push herself and step out of her comfort zone. We have loved getting to be apart of Samantha’s story and look forward to seeing her bright future. She not only took a big leap of faith with starting an airbrush tanning business but teeth whitening as well! Providing two high end services to make her clients feel beautiful. 💗 your rock Samantha, keep being you!

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Join the movement and see what EG has in store first hand at our training retreat! WONDERFUL things are in store for you this year!

Friday April 13, 2018- Rising Star Certification
Saturday April 14, 2018 Training Retreat

Our Annual Event is a collaboration between leaders and technicians to grow, empower, bond and become our best selves. A day filled with knowledge, inspiration, tips/tricks and more! Let us help give you all the tools you need to have a thriving business. This year we are really excited to provide you with the opportunity to have a 2 night stay in a suite with Catherine and Ashley (EG company executives). Come relax, have fun, and spend some quality time with the companies leadership. Making the annual training event more convenient than ever! Join us April 13th for the Rising Star Certification to become a Master Technician, this is one on one training to help you achieve the absolute best application and technique. Followed by April 14ths all day training with your fellow technicians. Be the best boss you can be! Endless Glow has a lot of fun and exciting changes this year and we want you to be apart of it!

Training Event Ticket: $69
Rising Star Certification: $120
Bundle: $179
resort stay: $50 a night

April 13th Rising Star Certification: time slot provided after enrolling.
(stay the night, if you can, also you can stay the night even if you’ve already completed the certification previous years)
April 14th Training Event: 9am -5pm with a light lunch.
(stay the night and party with your fellow boss babes!)

Location: Coral Springs Resort, St. George, UT
Fly into Salt Lake City UT or Las Vegas NV, shuttles are available to transport you to St. George.

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krista mays

Krista is on fire! Juggling her modeling career and airbrush tanning like a true girl boss! Krista brings such a positive energy to Endless Glow that we are so thankful for, she works towards every incentive trip, joins us at each event, and ALWAYS asks what she can do for our executive team.  Krista was recently seen airbrushing on the real housewives tv show and in the past has airbrushed many celebrities like Paris Hilton.   We love watching Krista and all the fun adventures she has airbrushing in New York.  We love you Krista!

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Become a Master Technician!

A master technician receives special ranking in Endless Glow, discount on products (including solution) all year long, website recognition, and a perfected application.
The rising star certification is a one on one class with the Executive Team, they will watch you do an airbrush application, take notes, and give you feedback to greater your application, which in the end puts more money in your pocket because you’ll be able to give a greater client experience.  During this time you’ll walk through application, gun settings, solution, and answer any questions you might have.
This is the next step to your airbrush tanning

This year we’ve created an amazing opportunity for you to stay in a resort suite with Catherine and Ashley, our executive leaders.  Join us for your Rising Star Certification and Training Retreat on April 12th and 13th, and stay the night.  We will bond, relax, have fun, and get to know your leaders and fellow techs!  The resort stay is $50 per night, stay one or both nights!
Tickets are now available in your back office and spots are limited! Training Retreat- $69 Rising Star- $120 Resort Stay- $50 a night Training Retreat + Rising Star $179 Training Retreat+ 2 night Resort Stay $169 Training Retreat+ Rising Star + 2 night Resort Stay $279

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Tech highlight!!!! Superstar @whitneylturley (@airbrushtanningbywhitney) has taken her business and skyrocketed it! Whitney is not only amazing at what she does but she is the absolute sweetest person! We are so grateful for her positive energy. We are excited for the new year and to watch her continually grow. Whitney has proven to us that she is an amazing team player and a wonderful addition to our endless glow family. #egglow #endlessglow #egairbrush #beyourownboss #newyear #ownyourownbusiness #airbrushtanning #beauty #momtrepreneur #bossbabe

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