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The Long Hall
Picture this scene:  There is a hallway that, at the time of first glance, seems a good distance long (think of that as potential) with doors on either side of it (and these as opportunities).  At this moment, the hallway is brightly lit—and because of that, the rest of the details of the hallway go unnoticed.  Whether we understand this or not, we “see” less when we think we “know” what we’re looking at. Let’s define this hallway as my life for the purpose of this post but it could very well be yours, as well.  But for today, it’s my life and I find myself walking down the brightly lit hallway not taking in all that is going on because I am taking the light for granted and I honestly think I know where I am going.  The doors have labels on them: marriage, children, family, friends and one beautifully decorated door labelled Endless Glow.  I walk into that room and there is so much room, so much potential for furniture (think products), decorations (think incentive trips, training, etc) and people to occupy it (us as staff, you all as occupants).  It is a stunning scene for me and I do not waste one minute that I get right to filling and decorating that room for myself and everyone affiliated with EG. (Now if you know anything about me this is true, in general.  I love to make things aesthetically pleasing.)


Mid decorating, I had to leave the room for a bit.  It wasn’t my plan but it sort of happened that way.  And when I did, I found myself back in that hallway.  Only now, the hall was nowhere near as lit as before.  In fact, the lighting on a whole had changed.  It was much dimmer but more warm–sort of like mood lighting.  So although I could “see” less in the hallway, I actually could make out more of what I was looking at and it had more meaning to me.  It wasn’t just a vast hallway for me to walk down at my leisure. It seemed to have more of a course to it and it was narrower in width.  More importantly, though, there were less doors than before but the doors that were there were now bigger.  Much bigger.  I get my bearings about me and know that I need to head back into my EG room to close it up because I am meant to walk the rest of that hallway to open those bigger doors but the thought of it is both exciting and excruciating at the same time.  What about the room? It’s potential?  I left mid decorations.  Who can finish putting in the new window I wanted to install?  Or put a fresh paint on it while moving the furniture around?  What about the people in the room?  Where are they going?


I honestly don’t have those answers while standing in the hallway, I have to move.  Hallways do not have answers—doors do.  So I have to head back into the EG room to work this out and when I do, I see something in the room that was not there before I stepped out for a minute.  It was another door…in the back…I somewhat remember seeing it before but it was nondescript and I thought it was just a closet.  But it wasn’t.  It was another room that had as much room—if not more—than my first room.  Much of the setup was the same except it had more windows (these are opportunities within the initial opportunity.  See that as more growth within EG because the story is not over) and it had a different interior decorator.  I didn’t see that coming—we never do which is why doors are so intriguing in the first place.  So who is this mysterious interior decorator and how did he get in that back room?  Let me quickly answer these two questions before I have to head back to the hallway.


Two years ago when we began rebranding Endless Glow, we were led to an up and coming company in the US that was looking to both produce and package tanning products in the same facility (in case you don’t know, that’s not normal) at the same time we were changing manufacturers ourselves.  It was a perfect fit and truly encouraging at the time to see someone doing the very thing I wanted EG to eventually do.  Fast forward to last week when I think I am only calling to talk about them taking the product line over to sell it so that there is still product available for you all and instead find out that he does not just want to carry the line–he wants ALL of EG.  This means not just the products, not just the training, but the whole. dang. thing. What he essentially asked for was the very *mission statement* of EG—and I was dumbfounded.  He agreed with and loved the *heart* of EG and was incredibly gracious about it.  He respects and identifies with the “family aspect” of the techs and emphatically stated that without it, it’s just products.  In other words, he wants nothing to change.


I am about to head back into the hallway, ladies, but I want to ask a favor of you.  I would love for you to not exit the room because I do.  There’s too many windows left unopened.  Too many ways the room can be rearranged now for you not to try out the new interior.  And there’s a new interior decorator that sees the same potential in the room and has the same taste in furnishings as Kristi, Ashley and I.  In all of this, I have realized in the most heart stopping way:  1) there is Someone managing this hallway 2) He has a grand plan for this room and 3) He is also the One that keeps adding and changing the doors.


To sum this up, Endless Glow will carry on: the product, the training, the structure, the community, the dream just as it is today (and if I have my way, even better).  Ashley and I are not the ones driving this anymore, though, so stay tuned to find out how this awesome transference is going to take place so that your products and needs are minimally affected.

In the next weeks I will be sending out more information mapping out the details of the transition. In the meantime I encourage you all to stock up on the remaining (getting scarcely low) inventory items  at blow out pricing to sustain you during this time of transition.


butterfly image

As this story unfolds and we move into what is possibly the most essential part of this journey, I would like to first say thank you. Thank you for your love and support for Ashley, Kristi and I and for your love for Endless Glow over the years. The saturation of stories and experiences demonstrating what a special foundation and group of tech’s we have in this E.G. family has caused overwhelming emotion and has further deepened my gratitude for the opportunity I have had to steward such a gift.

The first 5 years of this 11 yr. journey went by in a flash! Kristi and I had built E.G. to a tech family of over 600 tech’s across the country and our dream was playing out in front of our eyes. And that is when ‘it” started to happen. A transformation on the inside of both Kristi and I was taking place. Neither one of us understood it completely at the time–we just knew that we were both on board with making a change to our partnership in E.G. It was agreed that it was best for me to move forward with E.G. and for Kristi to step out into her own time and space of transformation. We said our goodbyes and buttoned up the details between us and moved expectantly into our future. It was then that my own metamorphosis began and the beginning of a journey inside a journey. I was rapidly changing internally in ways I had not known even possible and E.G. had become one of the catalysts for that transformation.

As one segment of the story was fading to the background, another was being brought forward and making way to center stage. Ashley’s journey with E.G. started true to form as an inspired work. Following their adventures all over the country, Ashley and her husband Ryan had finally decided on making their way back to Utah. It was then that Ashley made her debut into our E.G. family. The timing was spot on and Ashley is such a quick study that she settled into her role in no time without a hitch. I was amazed at her skill level and ability in the workplace in that she needed little to no direction when it came to learning anything making that part of my job so easy. Ashley was able to accomplish everything I threw her direction with ease; always done well with a smile on her face and laced in her sweet as can be personality. She had a knack for already having something completed before it was even brought up, thinking one step ahead. I felt as though I had been gifted from above when Ashley entered the picture especially when she was on board with staying with E.G. through her schooling, her own tanning business, and many personal life changes including the birth of her daughter, Aria. Our connection was deepening the more we worked together and soon Ashley and I had become more than just colleagues.

As I watched her growth within E.G. it was becoming more and more clear that Ashley was to be moved into the spotlight. We set out to bring a fresh new look to the training material, product line and web presence with Ashley as the starring role! I had officially shifted the “face” of E.G. from myself to Ashley and she began to actively walk in that role. As she settled into the challenge of everything that was laid before her the only thing left to do was to make it official: Ashley and I became co-owners of E.G.! It has been a treat to watch her beautiful gifts play out to the benefit of the E.G. tech’s and their own business as well as to watch her move at a rapid rate towards her own destiny. Just as E.G. has been a catalyst for my transformation, it has also played a valuable role within Ashley’s as well. Ashley is a very beautiful individual inside and out with an amazing plan held in the future for her and I have no doubt she will be a blessing in the lives of many more. I am sure I speak for all the tech’s and customers who would like to thank you Ashley. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us and sharing your kind, sweet personality with us day in and day out.

Please keep an eye out for a subsequent email that will contain info about MOVING FORWARD and product information for the upcoming months.

♥♥♥ Catherine

E.G. Closure – #3 in series

flourishing photo

With a solid foundation of awe-inspiring products and dedicated people, our “Genesis ” was transformed from a soft launch in a garage to a thriving business on the Web. Through innumerable hours of teaching, training and traveling while sharing the opportunity and continuously developing and managing the back end–Endless Glow grew.  It was during this time of growth that leadership was established among the Techs, incentive trips were taken, events attended, LED teeth whitening was added and even more products made their debut in the blossoming product line.


As I watched the fruit of our work and dedication play out in the lives of the Techs I was amazed at what was coming alive on the inside of me with the best word to describe it being: fulfillment. EG had become a catalyst for real, positive change in the lives and circumstances of these women: different, unique and across the board, genuine. And we, the pioneers of EG, were in the center of that.


I honestly could not ignore what had been ignited within my heart. EG had sparked an intense  flame of passion for training, mentoring, teaching, connecting and encouraging genuine and lasting change for people. Before EG, I didn’t “get it”; who knew these things existed? I also did not foresee the depth of the relationships and experiences provided through EG that would put a spotlight on the very crux of my future.


I am truly grateful for every moment: each phone call, walk on the beach, late night training, and sleepover. Every time we laughed until we hurt or danced until we couldn’t anymore.  So many life changing, tear jerking, sentimental, hard talk, love so deep, cry on my shoulder, talk until we fall asleep, “celebrating you” moments. Let’s not forget problem solving, funny tanning moments, deep moments, light moments and embarrassing moments.  Lastly, a litany of life stories, life changes and  heartfelt moments that I have been gifted  with over the years with you all that are now among some of my fondest memories.


So here is the irony of my above epiphany: Kristi and I were unified in our decision to do EG through network marketing because both of us were in it for the “people” aspect of it!  People are extraordinary creations; each unique in their own contributions but all designed for great things. EG has been a platform for so many to achieve goals, dream, share and bond. To laugh, to cry, to play and to work hard.  It has allowed us to share our gifts, our talents and celebrate our successes–big and small–both in and outside of EG.  ALL OF US TOGETHER…side by side…our very own self contained support group and cheering section.


For the month of January, I am celebrating two things:


The People and The Products


The people who made this all worthwhile and the products that gave them the vehicle they needed to do it.


Celebrations call for people–that’s you–and they call for fun–that’s our job.  So on January 18, 2020, EG is hosting:


A Celebration of YOU Party!


This evening will be held at the Willow Creek Country Club in Salt Lake City, Utah. Come and be showered with all our love, reminisce over all the fun and exciting times we have shared in EG, deepen the connections you have already made and make even more with Techs you have not yet met! Check your email (listed in your back office) for the invitation and RSVP to reserve your seat for the celebration!


About those products… There is no denying techs and clients alike LOVE our EG products! As we officially kick off 2020, it is the time to stock up as we are moving our remaining inventory so you’ll want to get them while you can. Check out our bundled items along with discounted favorites in your back office. Orders will be filled and shipped in the order they are received and we will not be restocking anything.


One final detail worth mentioning.  There have been many, many requests for the EG brand to continue on after we close our doors. WE HEAR YOU.  We really do. Handing our formulas over to just anyone is not an option and is too involved to explain why but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any other tricks up our sleeve to keep your business booming with product.  Stay tuned because we will be providing a resource for you before our doors close.  We know it is hard, but please, hang tight until we map all that out for you. Your patience with this is truly appreciated.


♥♥♥  Catherine

E.G. Closure – #3 in series

A Good Bye To Remember


 E.G. Is closing it’s door forever! Please read to the end –

I have a lot to say and I want you to hear it all!

November 28,2019

Hey y’all! Catherine Papa-Dakis here!

I pray all of you are enjoying your day full of giving thanks: for your loved ones surrounding you–both friends and family, blessings of the past year, opportunities, another year of life, successes that made you smile, trials that strengthened you, health, joy and another year of hopeful anticipation for all that 2020 holds for you!


There could not be a better day to release the announcement of Endless Glow closing its doors than on a day reserved for GIVING THANKS for the things you are most grateful for because, man, am I incredibly grateful for Endless Glow and all of you.


As I contemplated how to move forward with this news I struggled with the most appropriate way to close this chapter of life to start a new one all while giving full attention, love and support to the people that have made EG so special. The conclusion I came to is that there is “no easy” nor “perfect way”  to let go of “my dream child” to make way for the next beautiful dream without a lot of tears and consideration for both old and new Tech’s with EG as well as a piece of my heart being laid on the table. So hold on to your seats as I take you through a whirlwind of memories, laughter and sweetness while showering you with deal after deal after deal.


To start the process of closure over the next six months, I am opening up my heart and sharing my very personal journey with you all with the hope that as the story with E.G. unfolds to you, your excitement for your future as a tech and your love for the E.G. Tech family will deepen and even expand.  My aim is to leave you feeling inspired, blessed and ready to move forward with your next dream, as well!


Each month something special for you has been created to represent each of the various phases of this amazing and supernatural journey that I have had with Endless Glow. Please join me in this celebration of what has been an awe inspiring, truly heart felt 11 yrs! I will be sending out a fun recount of each phase along with details of what gifts of gratitude to expect for that upcoming month! The fun begins on November 30th when I roll out December–our coolest beginning.

Please join me for this last “trip” with EG…

A Start with Heart!

December 31, 2019

I knew that you all loved E.G. the way that I do, too, but I had no idea the response would be this endearing.  I know you have questions—and I do have answers—but let me first take you through the beauty of it all before I get to the top 3 questions that I’ve been hit with…

Have you ever seen one of those shows where they bring two siblings together who were separated at birth but eerily had the same stories?  Well, most of you know my sister and I were not separated at birth but we do have very similar stories without us meaning to do so.  Both Kristi and I, independently of each other, connected by our other sister Jenni, had the same business idea at the same time:  to create an opportunity that would offer a readymade business model to women like ourselves that would open up a world of opportunities to them both financially and emotionally! But it didn’t stop there. Both of us were married within months of each other and soon after welcomed our first children into the picture. I gave birth to my twin boys and Kristi gave birth to her son 6 days later! Something supernatural was brewing here and everyone around us could sense it.

Now since both of us had motherhood all figured out with our two years of experience under our belts and not much else going on (insert hysterically laughing emoji), we decided it was the best time to go for it! That crazy and very powerful idea gave birth to a wildly inspirational and exciting time in our lives creating the foundation of Endless Glow. The work was constant and consumed our lives as our idea grew feverishly. Each piece of the business was handpicked and developed from the ground up with our big picture goal in mind. We tackled everything from product formulas, equipment development, training procedures, unique application techniques, business guides, software, online tech communication forums… you get the picture. The process was exceedingly complex! The excitement for what the future held for us was contagious and the sharing of our vision with others became a top priority. 

When it came time for our soft launch we were ready to go–out of my garage of course!  We were surrounded by the BEST TEAM EVER of 50 techs made up friends, family and their friends and family. It was extraordinary and the perfect beginning of something beautiful. Looking back now I can really see how inspired the conception and beginnings of Endless Glow truly were and what a gift it has been growing me up in ways I never could have imagined. I can admit that back when it was happening, I viewed the process as a natural result of how hard we worked and how powerful it was to have two very strong, business minded individuals committed to the same dream. Although we had everything to do with the beginning, I can look back now in hindsight and see the providential workings that guided the very awe inspiring and profoundly complex creation of Endless Glow.   

In honor of our genesis, I wanted to offer our remaining Tech Packages to anyone who has ever thought of becoming a tech with Endless Glow. I know what you are thinking: “Why would anyone want to become a tech with a company that is closing its doors in May?” And the answer lies in what made Endless Glow the achievement that it has been:  our hardcore commitment to your success. 

Just as in the beginning, we are perfectly committed to developing your opportunity as a tech in our departure as we were in our launch. Our Exec team is ready to pour into you and give you every second of help you need to solidify your foundation for the future of your business! Nothing excites us more than leaving a beautiful legacy in you and there is plenty of time to establish your foundation and really start growing your business as a tech. In addition, there is not another company out there with the network of techs that Endless Glow will connect you with and the support from that tech family that will stay with you well into the future! There is no time like the present to share this opportunity. Kits are limited and are first come first serve with only a handful left in stock and will not be reordering these kits. Check your back office for this incredible pricing.               

So here are my top three questions I keep getting asked.

“Am I ok?” Yes, I am doing great! I am very excited for my future. This leads me to the next question. “What is my future?” By the end of this last phase of E.G. you will know about my future. Which leads me to the last question? “Is there some way we can get the formulations or the products after E.G. closes?” Unfortunately, not at this time. But I will be sure to give you my recommendations of comparable products.

Don’t forget to check your back office for special pricing for kits in December!

Thank you all for your love,



Stay Tuned As Our Story Unfolds…

A Good Bye To Remember

Dark Foam

“There’s nothing better than a good tan, and I’ve been obsessing over @endlessglow_ ‘s tanning products! My favorite part is that it’s a foam, so it never feels sticky! I also love that it gives me a bronzed glow… You apply with a tanning glove and you can get both for under $50!!”

We loved hearing from you @kelsiebynum ! Enjoy the glow!

Purchase your glow at http://www.endlessglow.com!


Dark Foam

Tech Highlight

Tech Highlight

We are so proud of Lindsay Miller. She found herself in the last week of the month wanting to earn commission from her team but needing a personal volume of $145. She rallied and was able to dominate an online party to help her achieve that goal and sold $234 in retail product. She saw an obstacle and leaped right over it. We are so proud of her willingness to go out of her comfort zone and for all of her dedication to her customers and business.

Tech Highlight

Ultra Glow


Our Ultra Glow Airbrush Solution will have your clients feeling bronzed and radiant this summer! This amazing solution includes: premixed bronzers to guarantee the same stunning results for your returning clients, an antiaging and firming formula, vitamins A, C, and E, and more to give your clients skin a more youthful appearance.

Ultra Glow